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Open 23/09/2008
Update 25/03/2020
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Cycas ophiolitica

Cycas ophiolitica

Stem arborescent , erect, to 2 m tall rarely as tall as 4 m ,14-20 cm in diameter. Leaves numerous , straight or slightly  arched , 1-1.4 m  long, 25-31 cm wide , flat to slightly keeled, emergent foliage densely gray tomentose . Petiole 18-35.9 cm long armed with spines 3-4 mm long in smaller plants, plants more than 1 m tall usually unarmed , petiole and rachis usually persistent light covering of gray to light brown  tomentum . Leaflets in 85-110 pairs , angled forward 80-120 , somewhat shorter at the leaf apex but not reduce or greater in length toward the leaf base, surface lightly glaucous , turning dark green with age , median leaflets stiff, linear , abruptly acuminate , 14-24 cm long, 6-8 mm wide, midrib not raised or only slightly above , prominent below, margin straight and slightly revolute.

Cycas ophiolitica  does not present any problems in cultivation. When given the well-drained soil all cycads prefer, and applications of fertilizer during the growing season, C.ophiolitica soon grows into a handsome plant. The growth rate is not exceptionally rapid in this spices, but it makes up for that in its ease of horticulture.

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