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Open 23/09/2008
Update 25/03/2020
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Encephalartos cerinus

Encephalartos cerinus
Stem: Subterranean, erect and rarely producing suckers. It can attain a length of 300 mm and a 200-250 mm diameter.
Leaves: Blue- green on the upper side and paler green on the lower side. They are straight, rigid and 0.9-1.5 m long with a pp-angle which is 130- 170 degree throughout the length of the leaf blade. The pr-angle increases from approximately 30 degree at the leaf apex to 70-90 degree at the blade’s base. The s-angle is 0 to -10 degree at the leaf apex and approximately -30 to -45 degree for the remainder of the leaf blade. The leaflets do not shield one another or only slightly succubously.
Petiole : 120-180 mm long and hairless .
Median leaflets: 150-180 mm long, 10-12mm wide, leathery and without nodules. The upper leaflet surface is slightly concave transversely and straight to slightly convex longitudinally. Leaflet margins are entries in mature plants, but in juvenile plants, the apical part of especially the phylloproximal margin may have 1-2 pungent teeth. Leaflet margins are not thickened but tend to be recurved and the apex is pungent. Basal leaflets : These decrease only slightly basipetally to two or three of spines at most.
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